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2019-2020 OFFICERS
President – Bob House
President-Elect –Scott Sanders
Treasurer – Steve Douglas
Secretary – Ed Kerollis

Bill Camlin (1st year)
Jack Edmonds (1st Year)
Jill Douglas (2nd year)
Marc Rizzi (2nd Year)
Bob Little (2nd Year)
Dennis Murtagh (1st Year)

Programs of Service

The Exchange Club works in conjunction with local organizations to focus their efforts where their communities' needs are the greatest. We have devoted countless hours sponsoring cultural programs and other events and have provided millions of dollars for scholarships, equipment and other needs, all for the benefit or improvement of our communities.

At the Exchange Club of West Chester some of our Community Service activities include:

Prevention of Child Abuse

The National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System (NCANDS) reported an estimated 1,580 child fatalities in 20141. That is why child abuse prevention is our foremost national project. The Exchange Club Family Center in West Chester provides parenting support services to atrisk families in Chester County with the goal of keeping them strong, together, and safe from abuse. The Exchange Club of West Chester provides funds to the center for its operations and service to these families.

1Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Federal fiscal year (FFY) 2007. Learn more at www.childwelfare.gov

Youth Programs

The Exchange Club of West Chester believes that the future of our nation depends on our young people. That's why much of our energies are focused on programs that lift them up, recognize their achievements and reward them for a job well done.

The A.C.E. Award

Perhaps our most moving award recognizes courageous high school students who have battled great physical, emotional, or social obstacles and have remarkably excelled with a positive attitude towards their future.

The Citizenship Award

Middle school students who have dedicated themselves to community service, set positive examples for their peers, and continuously lend a helping hand in the home, are the recipients of this award.

The William Palmer Lear Art Award

The namesake of a beloved, long-time Exchangite, local art instructor and cofounder of The Chester County Art Association, recipients of this award are high school students who plan to continue their education in the arts.

Youth of the Year Award

Hard-working high school students who excel in scholastic achievement, community involvement, and leadership are the selected recipients of Exchange's most popular youth award. Once selected, local students are invited to compete for the National Youth of the Year Award.


World War II, when a deep appreciation for our freedoms were at the forefront of every American's mind, this expression of patriotism remains an important focus of The Exchange Club. We are committed to passing on the spirit of patriotism and our rich history to future generations through programs of service including:

Freedom Shrine & Freedom Gallery

What is a Freedom Shrine or Gallery? A collection of historical documents which have been beautifully mounted and permanently displayed in schools and other public places. From The Mayflower Compact (1620) to Dr. Martin Luther King's "I have a Dream" speech (1963), the documents in a freedom shrine illustrate significant milestones in American history. While a shrine is complete with documents, a gallery includes documents and art reproductions.


The Exchange Club of West Chester gives out American flags to children to elevate their respect and admiration for our flag and country.

Community Service

The Exchange Club of West Chester enjoys serving many causes. Together, we pitch in to help our communities – wherever, whenever service is needed most. Some of the programs we participate in include:


Our activities and programs of service are made possible through participation in several fund raisers. Major annual activities include: